Powershell – Using foreach loop over an array

In this article let’s see how to use foreach on powershell array element. Checkout How to create an array and add/remove items into powershell array.

Syntax of ForEach (loop statement in powershell)

Use ForEach statement when the collection of objects are small so that it can be loaded into memory. From powershell 4.0 and later the foreach method provides faster performance

foreach is an alias of ForEach-Object but it appears to also be a keyword (which is confusing). The foreach statement does not use pipelining (unlike ForEach-Object ).

If you use foreach in a command pipeline PowerShell will actually run the foreach alias that calls ForEach-Object. The keyword foreach operates over each $<item> in the $<collection> as given in the () bit.

Example of using ForEach in powershell

In this example we are creating a fixed size array in the powershell and also we will iterate using foreach loop and find the length of each element in array.

Example to Loop through a collection of .txt files in Powershell

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