Sitecore Required license is missing: Runtime

Sitecore is a paid CMS software which requires a valid license file. As of today, Sitecore doesn’t provide any trial or evaluation period to try out and purchase later. Many people who are installing the Sitecore for the first time has faced an error “Sitecore Required license is missing: Runtime“. So how do we resolve this error?

Fixing Sitecore Required license is missing: Runtime

There are multiple reasons  for this error to appear in the Sitecore. Let’s look in detail at what those root causes and issues could be and how to resolve the runtime error Sitecore Required license is missing.

Root Cause 1- Verify if license file is present

Go to your website root directory and navigate to data folder. Check for the License.xml file is present in that directory. If not paste the license file in the particular folder and restart the site. This will fix the license issue in Sitecore.

Root Cause 2 – Path of the License file is wrong

If you are installing Sitecore manually then the chances of getting this error is high and mostly the path of the license file might be wrong. The default path of the Sitecore license file will be specified in the web.config and if you are using Sitecore 8+ version then verify Sitecore.config file(App_config/Sitecore.config) where LicenseFile settings are provided.

Place the license.xml in the particular data folder mentioned in the settings and it will resolve the issue.

Root Cause 3- Overriding the License file path

Do verify App_config/Include folder if you are overriding the license file Settings. If you are using any third party frameworks like Score Framework by BrainJocks or ZenGarden by Cognifide then they might be overriding the license file path. Do check their documentation on how to include the Sitecore license file.

Root Cause 4- License expiry

if you have tried all the steps above and still facing the issue then your Sitecore license might be expired and you need to renew or obtain a new license file from the Sitecore team.


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